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  Newfoundland History Discusses the evolution of Newfoundland from the first explorers to 1949. The emphasis is placed on the events, people and processes that brought Newfoundland into union with Canada. The information provided is complemented by various links made to outside sites wherever appropriate.
  Newfoundland Geography Brief presentation of the physical characteristics of Newfoundland and Labrador. Maps are also found.  
  Newfoundland Politics and Society These texts examine the political, military and religious evolution of Newfoundland to 1949. There is also a discussion of the judicial system as it developed in Newfoundland until it joined Canada.
  Newfoundland Economy After a general discussion of the economic history of Newfoundland to 1949, the text has sections on agriculture, the fisheries, lumbering, the pulp and paper industry, sealing, trade and transportation.
  Newfoundland Culture These texts attempt to give an idea of the richness and originality of Newfoundland culture at the time of the union of Newfoundland with Canada. There are sections on art, journalism, literature and music, as well as on the history of the development of education in Newfoundland to 1949.

Newfoundland Biography

More than 225 biographies of prominent people in the history of Newfoundland are presented, some with pictures. The section provides biographies of all the important Prime Ministers and Premiers of Newfoundland, to the most recent past. A large number of links to outside sites are made, so as to bring these biographies up to date and to complete the information. The section is divided into four parts to accelerate downloading.
  Alderdice to Duly (A-D)
Edwards to Jukes (E-J)
Kean to Prowse (K-P)
Radstock to Wynne (Q-Z)
  Prime Ministers and Premiers of Newfoundland The section has tables outlining the chronology for all these individuals and links to further information on the web.
  Terms of Union of Newfoundland with Canada All the main articles of the document are summarized and links are made to do further research.
  Documents of Newfoundland History Links are made to important documents of Newfoundland History available on the web. A significant number of issues can be studied from these primary sources.

Beothuks of Newfoundland

Bibliography of essential studies on the Beothuks of Newfoundland with a concentration on the reasons for their disappearance.  
  Relations of Newfoundland With Canada This section reproduces the articles that appeared in the Canadian Annual Review between 1901 and 1933 on the subject of Newfoundland. The articles concentrated on the issue of the possible admission of Newfoundland into Canada, on the commercial relations of Canada with Newfoundland and on describing the main events that happened on a yearly basis in Newfoundland.  
  Canadian Views of Newfoundland's Entrance into Confederation What did Canadians think of the possibility of Newfoundland joining Confederation? The main editorials of a significant cross-section of Canadian newspapers for the period of 1946 to 1949 are reproduced. Editorials are in English or in French.  
  The Case for Newfoundland Joining Canada by Joseph R. Smallwood Fourteen letters by Joey Smallwood, written between March 1 and April 1, 1946, in the Daily News of St. John's, are reproduced. These letters aimed at convincing readers that Newfoundland should join Canada.  
  The text discusses the historical evolution of this issue to 1912.  
  Images of Newfoundland Various aspects of Newfoundland, some natural, others man-made, are illustrated by beautiful photographs, mostly by Kent Hotson.  
  Newfoundland Web Resources Several scholarly web sites providing information on Newfoundland are briefly evaluated and links are made to them.
Little Catalina, Trinity Bay
(Photo courtesy of Kent Hotson)
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