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Newfoundland History

(to 1949)


Early Colonization and Settlement Policy in Newfoundland

The Rule of the Fishing Admirals in Newfoundland

The French Occupation of Newfoundland

The Growth of the Colony of Newfoundland Between 1713-1817

The Development of Self-Government in Newfoundland

First Confederation Talks of Newfoundland With Canada

The French Shore Issue in Newfoundland

Edward Morris, The French Shore Question in Newfoundland

United States Fishing Rights in Newfoundland

Economic Progress of Newfoundland

Set-Backs in Newfoundland (1892-1894)

Second Confederation Talks of Newfoundland With Canada (1895)

Negotiations of Union Between Newfoundland and Canada in the XIXth Century

Newfoundland in the First World War (1914-1918)

The Labrador Boundary Question

The Economic Collapse of Newfoundland and the Loss of Responsible Government

Newfoundland and the Second World War

Newfoundland Joins Canada (1946-1949)

D. W. Prowse, Historical Sketch of Newfoundland


[For maps of Newfoundland and Labrador, consult this page, or again this site or alternatively this one; for historical maps of Newfoundland, centering especially on explorations, consult this page.]

[For an extensive overview of Newfoundland History, consult the Government and Politics section of the Newfoundland Heritage site. The Ode to Newfoundland is found at this address. Constitutional and political documents relating to the History of Newfoundland can be found at this site. Mel Baker has several texts examining the development of Newfoundland in the period after 1949.]


The Pitcher Plant: Newfoundland's floral emblem


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