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Date Published:
April 2007


Canadian Federalism - Division of powers

(ss. 91-95 of the Constitutional Act 1967)


Federal Powers Peace, order and good government
The raising of money by any system of taxation
Trade and commerce of an international or interprovincial nature
Banking and currency
Foreign affairs (treaties)
Militia and defense
Criminal law and penitentiaries
Weights, measures, copyrights, patents
Postal system, telegraphs and communications of an interprovincial or international nature; by extention: radio, television, satellites, internet
Transportation of an interprovincial or international nature: canals, navigable waters, railways
Residual powers
Declaratory power
Disallowance and reservation
Unemployment insurance (1940); old age pensions (1951)
Joint powers of the federal and provincial governments

Immigration (priority to the fed. gov.)

Agriculture (priority to the fed. gov.)

Pensions (priority to the prov. gov.)


Provincial Powers Anything local and private in nature
Direct taxation
Crown lands and natural resources
Hospitals (health sector)
Local works
Intraprovincial transportation and business
Administration of justice
Property and Civil rights
Cooperatives and Saving banks


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