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Documents in Quebec History

Documents d'histoire du Québec

Last revised:
20 August 2004


In the documents section, the site makes available historical material that may portray individuals or groups in a stereotypical or prejudicial manner. In most instances, this material dates from earlier decades or centuries and reflects the beliefs/views/culture of the people of the time. This material is reproduced at the site for study purposes only and its publication should in no way be interpreted as an endorsement of these views or stereotypes.


1949 Asbestos Strike

L’affaire Yves Michaud

Attempt to create a Ministry of Education, 1897-1898

Catholic Church, Liberalism and elections, 1875

Catholic Programme of 1871

Controverse sur l'Appel de la Race, roman de l'abbé Groulx

Controversy Surrounding the Language of Commercial Signs in Quebec (Bill 178) December 1988

Controversy Surrounding the Use of the French Language at the Eucharistic Congress of Montreal [1910]

Le féminisme au Québec/ Feminism in Quebec

Franco-American History

French Quebecers and Jews

Grève de l'amiante de 1949

Histoire Franco-américaine

How Others have Viewed French Canadians and Quebec

Immoralité publique sous Duplessis [1956]

Le libéralisme, l'Église catholique et les élections 1875

La loi du cadenas

Yves Michaud Affair

October Crisis 1970

The Padlock Law

Programme catholique de 1871

Programme de la Ligue Nationaliste / Programme of the Nationalist League [1903]

Proposed Union of Upper and Lower Canada (1822)

Public Immorality in Quebec in the Duplessis Era [1956]

Quebec and Confederation

Quebec and the Patriation of the Constitution, 1981-1982

Quebec and World War One

Les Québécois, le clergé catholique et l'affaire des écoles du Manitoba / Quebecers, the Catholic Clergy and the Manitoba School Question, 1890-1916

Rapatriement de la Constitution, 1980-1982

Refus Global 

Report Of Lord Durham On the Affairs of British North America [1839]

Scandale du gaz naturel / Natural Gaz Scandal [1958]

Siegfried: The Race Question

Tentative de créer un Ministère de l'Instruction publique, 1897-1898

La théorie du roi-nègre / The Negro-King Theory

Ultramontanisme et Libéralisme au XIXè siècle / Ultramontanism and Liberalism in the XIXth Century

A Very Disturbed Decade: the 1930

Les Jeune-Canada

Women's Right to Vote in Quebec / Le droit de vote des femmes au Québec