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Readings in Quebec History


Last revised:
20 August 2004


Constitutional Act, 1791

The Durham Report, the Union Act and the Birth of the Separatist/Federalist Attitudes

Evolution of the Territory of Quebec, 1763-1927

The Cooperative Commonwealth Federation (CCF) and the New Democratic Party (NDP): their Failure in Quebec (1932-1997)


French Canadian Emigration to the United States, 1840-1930

Fulton-Favreau Formula (1964-1965)

Gérard Bouchard, the ideology of "survivance" and its corollaries

Language Laws of Quebec (1969-1998)

Jean Lesage and the Quiet Revolution (1960-1966)

Massey Report

October Crisis

Opting Out

Quebec 1763-1791: Terminology and Population

Quebec Act

Quebec and Federal Elections, 1867-1997

Quebec and the Confederation project (1864-1867)

Quebec and the Constitution: Conditions for Constitutional Success (1763-1867)

Quebec, the Constitution and Special Status

The Rise of the Language Issue since the Quiet Revolution

Roman Catholic Church and Quebec

Royal Proclamation (1763)

Systematization of the Content Of the Language Laws of Quebec [December 1998]

Tremblay Report And Provincial Autonomy In The Duplessis Era (1956)

Pierre Elliott (E.) Trudeau, Quebec and the Canadian Constitution

Union Act (1840-41)

Victoria Charter, Constitutional Reform And Quebec (1971)

War Measures' Act