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Studies on the Canadian Constitution and Canadian Federalism


Last revised:
1 March 2001

The British Constitution

Canadian federalism and the Spending Power of the Canadian Parliament

Canadian Federalism, the Tax Rental Agreements of the period of 1941-1962 and Fiscal Federalism from 1962 to 1977


Comparing Canadian and American Federalism

Confederation Pact Theory

The Constitution Act, 1867

The Constitutional Act, 1867, the Confederation Debates and Provincial Autonomy

Constitution of Canada

Conventions of the Constitution

Cooperative Federalism

Coordinate or Classical Federalism


The "Declaratory Power" in the Canadian Constitution

Distribution of Powers under the Federal Scheme

Emergency Federalism in the Canadian Constitution


Fathers of Confederation


Fulton-Favreau Formula (1964-1965)

The Great Coalition Government

John A. Macdonald, Confederation and Canadian Federalism

The Judicial Committee of the Privy Council and the Canadian Constitution

The King-Byng Affair

Maritime Provinces, the Maritimes Rights's Movements and Canadian Federalism

Massey Report

The National Policy and Canadian Federalism

The Official Languages’ Act of Canada

Opting Out


Peace, Order and Good Government

The Pendulum Theory

The Pépin-Robarts Report

The Powers of Disallowance and Reservation in Canadian Federalism

Property and Civil Rights

Quebec and the Confederation project (1864-1867)

Quebec Conference

Quebec, the Constitution and Special Status

R. B. Bennett’s New Deal (1935)

The Reconstruction Conference

Representation by Population

Residuary Powers

Responsible Government


The Rowell-Sirois Report and Canadian Federalism during the Great Depression (1929-1939)

The Statute of Westminster (1931)

Supremacy of Parliament and the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms

The Supreme Court of Canada

Theories and Interpretation of the Constitution Act, 1867

Tremblay Report And Provincial Autonomy In The Duplessis Era (1956)

Trudeau, Pierre E.: Quebec and the Canadian Constitution

Victoria Charter, Constitutional Reform And Quebec (1971)