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Edward Boscawen


Boscawen, Edward (1711-1761). Born in England. Served at Porto Bello, 1739-1740; at Cartagena, 1741; and in the West Indies, 1747, Commanded on the North American station between 1755 and 1757, and in 1758 commander-in-chief of the fleet at the siege of Louisbourg. In 1759 defeated the French in Lagos Bay, and in 1760 commanded the fleet at Quiberon Bay.


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Source: Lawrence J. BURPEE and Arthur G. DOUGHTY, The Makers of Canada. Index and Dictionary of Canadian History, Toronto, Morang & Co., Limited, 1912, 446p., p. 37.

Portrait by Sir Johshua Reynolds, National Protrait Gallery.

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