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[For technical reasons, it was not always possible to reproduce exactly, in HTML language, the varied and difficult alphabets used by Canadian Natives; the proper transliteration of Indian names will be found at the Dictionary of Canadian Biography.]

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ABISHABIS (Small Eyes) (Cree religious leader)

A-CA-OO-MAH-CA-YE (Blackfoot chief;)

ACOUTSINA (Inuk (Eskimo) girl)

AHATSISTARI, Eustache (a great Huron warrior, member of the Attingueenongnahak tribe)


AKOMÁPIS (Malecite captain)

ANADABIJOU (Montagnais chief)

ANANDAMOAKIN (a Munsee Delaware chief)

ANNAOTAHA (Huron chief)

AOUENANO (Seneca civil chief and Iroquois negotiator)

API-KAI-EES (Blackfoot Indian runner)

ARADGI (Onondaga sachem, described by the Senecas as "a great favourite of the French")

ASSIGINACK, Jean-Baptiste ( Ottawa chief and public servant)

ASSIKINACK, Francis (public servant and school teacher)

ATECOUANDO (prominent chief of the Pigwacket tribe of the Abenakis)

ATECOUANDO (Jérôme), (chief and orator of the Abenaki tribe of Saint-François-de-Sales (Odanak, Que.)


ATIRONTA (Aëoptahon), Jean-Baptiste (a captain in the Huron Indian village of Cahiagué)

ATIRONTA (one of the principal chiefs of the Ahrendarrhonon (Rock) nation of the Hurons)

ATIRONTA, Pierre (Huron captain)

AW-GEE-NAH (Chipewyan chief)

BÂTARD, ÉTIENNE (Micmac from Miramichi)

BAUZHI-GEEZHIG-WAESHIKUM (Chief and medicine man)

BEAR, Noel (Maliseet hunter, trapper, guide, and basket-maker)

BEGOURAT (Chief of the Montagnais Indians)

CAGENQUARICHTEN (leading sachem, or hereditary chief, of the Senecas)

CAPITANAL (Montagnais chief, orator, friend of the French)

CHACHAGOUESSE (Illinois chief of Le Rocher)

CHARITÉ, ESPÉRANCE, FOI (young Montagnais girls adopted by Samuel de Champlain in 1628)

CHAUDIÈRE NOIRE (one of the most formidable of the Onondaga chiefs, an enemy of the French)

CHEJAUK (clan leader of the Ottawas or Ojibways)

CHEROUOUNY (Montagnais chief)

CHICHIKATELO (chief of the Miamis at St Joseph River , devoted to the French and to Catholicism)

CHINGOUESSI (Ottawa Sinango chief from Michilimackinac)

CHOMINA (Montagnais chief at Tadoussac)

CHULA (Sarcee warrior and chief)

CLEXLIXQEN, LOUIS (HBC employee, farmer, and Shuswap chief)

CRUSOE, ROBINSON (Oupeshepow (Cree) hunter from Great Whale River )

DEKANAHWIDEH (reputed founder of the Five Nations Confederacy, and the culture hero of the Iroquois)

DEMASDUWIT (one of the last of the Beothuks)

DESERONTYON, John (Mohawk chief)

DONNACONA (chief of Stadacona until May 1536, taken into exile by Jacques Cartier)

EDA'NSA (Haida chief, trader, and pilot)

EGUSHWA ( Ottawa war chief)

EROUACHY ( chief of the Montagnais Indians around Tadoussac)

GANDEACTEUA Catherine, (an Erie belonging to the Cat nation, responsible for the founding of the Saint-François-Xavier mission)

GAWÈHE (chief councillor of the Wolf clan of the Oneidas )

GLIKHIKAN (Munsee Delaware warrior and orator)

H'DAMANI (Santee Sioux chief, hunter, and trapper)

HLAKAY (Okanagan chief)

HONATTENIATE (Mohawk Indian, friend of the French and protector of Father J ogues)

HOTSINOÑHYAHTAÃ ( Onondaga chief)

HUNKAJUKA (chief of a nomadic band of Assiniboine Indians of the North-West Territories )

HWISTESMETXÖ'QEN (head chief of the Okanagans)

INUKJUARJUK (Inuit camp leader)

IROQUET (Algonkin chief)

ISADORE (Kutenai Indian chief)

ISAPO-MUXIKA (Crowfoot, occasionally known in French as Pied de Corbeau) (Blackfoot chief)

JONES, PETER EDMUND (physician, Mississauga Ojibwa chief, Indian agent, and newspaperman)

KAGHSWAGHTANIUNT (a Seneca Indian living on the upper Ohio River by 1750)

KAHGEGAGAHBOWH (Methodist missionary, author, lecturer, and herbal doctor)

KAIEÑÃKWAAHTOÑ (chief-warrior of the lower or eastern Senecas)

KAK¢ENTHIONY (important member of the Onondaga council, and official speaker of the Onondagas)

KAM¬YISTOWESIT ( chief of the Willow band of the Plains Cree)

KAPAPAMAHCHAKWEW (war chief of a band of Plains Cree)

KÜPEYAKWÜSKONAM (chief of a band of Willow Crees)

KARAGHTADIE (sachem of the Wolf clan of the Mohawks)

KAYAHSOTAÃ ( Seneca chief and diplomat)

KEESEEKOOWENIN (Saulteaux chief, trapper, hunter, and farmer)

KEISH, James Mason (Tagish)

KENWENDESHON (Mohawk, Church of England catechist, and translator)

KEZHEGOWINNINNE (David Sawyer) (Ojibwa chief)

KIALA (Fox chief hostile to the French)

KINEUBENAE (Mississauga Ojibwa chief)

KINONGÉ (chief of the Ottawas du Sable who spent most of his life at Michilimackinac)

KINOUSAKI (an Ottawa chief at Detroit )

KIOTSEAETON (Mohawk chief, orator, and envoy to the French during the peace negotiations, 1645-46, between the French, their Indian allies, and the Mohawks)

KISENSIK (chief of the Nipissings of the Lac des Deux-Montagnes

KITCHI-MANITO-WAYA   (Indian hunter and fugitive)

KIWISÜNCE (chief of a mixed band of Plains Cree and Saulteaux)

KLATSASSIN (Chilcotin chief; executed 26 Oct. 1864 at Quesnellemouth)

KONDIARONK (a Tionontati or Petun Huron chief at Michilimackinac)

KOÑWATSIÃTSIAIÉÑNI (Mary Brant) (head of the Six Nations matrons)

KOUTAOILIBOE (a leading Ottawa chief of the Kiskakon clan, from Michilimackinac)

KOYAH (ranking chief of the Kunghit-Haidas)

KUKATOSI-POKA (Starchild) (Blood Indian and NWMP scout)

KÜ-K¬WISTÜHÜW (Plains Cree chief)

ÃKWAH (Carrier chief)

LE PESANT (the leading chief of the Ottawas du Sable, he provoked inter-tribal warfare at Detroit )

MADJECKEWISS (Ojibwa hereditary chief)

MAKHEABICHTICHIOU (sometimes identified as a Montagnais chief)

MAKOYI-OPISTOKI (Blood Indian warrior, the leader of the Fish Eaters band, and the head chief of the tribe)

MANITOUGATCHE (Montagnais Indian and friend of the French)

MATONABBEE (leading Chipewyan Indian)

MÉKAISTO (Blood Indian warrior and chief, farmer, and jp)

MEMBERTOU , Henri (chief of a Micmac band, ally of the French; first native baptized in New France )

MESSAMOUET (Souriquois (Micmac) sagamo of the La Hève River)

MICHIKINAKOUA ( Miami war chief)

MICHIPICHY (Huron chief)

MIGISI (Ojibwa chief)

MIKINAK ( Ottawa chief)

MIMIY (Gabriel Côté) (chief of a band of Saulteaux)

MINAHIKOSIS (chief of a band of Plains Cree)

MINWEWEH Le Grand Sauteux (Ojibwa chief)

MIRISTOU (Montagnais chief)

MISCOMOTE (a Maskegon Cree)

MISTAHIMASKWA (Big Bear) (Plains Cree chief)

MOG (noted warrior, subchief, and orator of the Norridgewock (Caniba) division of the Abenakis)

MUQUINNA (Nootka chief)

M¥S¥MIN (chief of a Cree and Saulteaux band)

MOSTOS (Woods Cree headman, trapper, and fisherman)

MUSQUAKIE (Ojibwa chief)

MYEERAH (Wyandot chief)

NAHNEBAHWEQUAY (Catherine Sutton) (Ojibwa spokeswoman)

NATAWISTA (Blood Indian and peacemaker)

NATOS-API (Blackfoot Indian chief and medicine man)

NAWAHJEGEZHEGWABE (member of the Eagle totem, soldier, and Ojibwa chief)

NE-CAN-NETE (Plains Cree chief)

NEGABAMAT, Noël, known as Tekouerimat , (one of the principal Montagnais chiefs of Sillery)

NESCAMBIOUIT (an Abenaki chief from Pequawket)

NISSOWAQUET ( Ottawa chief)

NODOGAWERRIMET (Norridgewock Abenaki sachem and orator)

NORO (chieftain of the Fox (Outagami) Indians)

OGIMAUH-BINAESSIH (Mississauga Ojibwa chief)

OHONSIOWANNE (Onondaga sachem, chief of the Onondaga old men and warriors)

OHQUANDAGEGHTE (Onondaga warrior)

OHTOWAÃKÉHSON (head woman of the turtle clan of the Mohawks)

ONASAKENRAT (Iroquois chief and Methodist missionary)

ONDAAIONDIONT , Charles (Huron Indian, admirable Christian of long standing, head of an embassy to the Susquehannah Indians)

ONISTA'POKA (Blood Indian war chief)

ONISTAH-SOKAKSIN (leader of the Namopisi (Crooked Back) band of Blood Indians)

ONISTAH-SOKAKSIN (leader of the Nitayxkax (Lone Fighters) band of Blood Indians)

ONONWAROGO (chief warrior of the Onondagas)

ORONHYATEKHA (Peter Martin) (office holder, administrator of a fraternal order, and author)

ORONTONY (Nicolas) (Huron Chief)

OTREOUTI (famous Onondaga chief and orator, often a deputy from his nation in peace negotiations between the Iroquois and the French)

OTTROWANA (Cayuga chief)

OUACHALA (chief of the Fox tribe and leader of the peace faction)

OUAGIMOU (chief of the neighbouring Indians when D u  Gua de Monts and C hamplain established their settlement on Île Sainte-Croix in 1604)

OUMASASIKWEIE (Algonkin Indian of the Allumette Island tribe, traitor and intriguer)

OUNANGUISSÉ (a pro-French Potawatomi chief of St Joseph River , probably of Sauk origin, and an important leader among the tribes of the Great Lakes )

OUREHOUARE (Iroquois war-chief, galley-slave, confidant, and ambassador of B uade de Frontenac)

OUTOUTAGAN , Jean Le Blanc   (an important chief of the Ottawas du Sable)

OZÎJA THIHA (Stoney warrior and chief)

PAHTAHSEGA (Methodist missionary who was a member of the Credit band of Mississaugas)

PANOUNIAS (Micmac chief, whose death precipitated savage warfare between the Indians of Acadia and the Armouchiquois (Penobscots) of New England )

PAPEWES (chief of a band of the River people, a Plains Cree group)

PASKWÜW (Plains Cree and chief of a band of Plains Saulteaux)

PASTEDECHOUAN , Pierre Antoine (Montagnais Indian, early victim of French-Indian cultural conflict)

PAYIPWAT (Plains Cree chief)

PEEMEECHEEKAG (Ojibwa headman of the sucker clan)

PEGUIS (Saulteaux Indian chief)

PEMOUSSA (great war chief of the Fox Indians)

PIESKARET, Simon (Algonkin chief of the tribe Tessouat or "Le Borgne")

PIGAROUICH, Étienne (Algonkin medicine-man and Christian apostate)

PONEKEOSH (Ojibwa chief)

PONTIAC (war chief of the Ottawas from Detroit )

P¬TIKWAHANAPIW¬YIN (Poundmaker) (Plains Cree chief)

SAGUIMA ( Ottawa chief)

SAHNEUTI (Kutchin chief and fur trader)

SAHONWAGY (Mohawk sachem and schoolmaster)

SAUGUAARAM (Penobscot Abenaki sachem, warrior, orator)

SCATCHAMISSE (Indian captain known to HBC)

SECOUDON (chieftain of all the Saint John River Indians around 1604 )

SHAH-WUN-DAIS (Methodist minister and Missisauga chieftain)

SHAKÓYE:WA:THAÃ ( Seneca chief and orator)

SHAWANAKISKIE ( Ottawa and convicted murderer)

SHAWNADITHIT (last of the Beothuk)

SI'K-OKSKITSIS (Blood Indian warrior and holy man)

SOTAI-NA (leading chieftain and warrior of the Blood tribe of the Blackfoot nation)

STAYEGHTHA (Wyandot war chief)

STEINHAUER, HENRY BIRD (Methodist missionary, school teacher, and translator)

SWAN (Indian middleman in the Hudson Bay area

SWATANA (an Oneida chief of the Bear clan)

TANAGHRISSON (a Seneca, a leading person among the Iroquois settled on the upper Ohio River )

TAONDECHOREN, Louis (Huron chief, dogique of the mission at Notre-Dame-de-Foy)

TAREHA ( Oneida chief)

TA-TANKA I-YOTANK (chief of the Hunkapapa Sioux)

TATANKA-NAJIN (hereditary chief of the Sisseton-Santee Dakotas)

TATTANNOEUCK ( Inuk interpreter)

TECUMSEH ( Shawnee chief)

TEGANISSORENS (influential Onondaga chief, orator and diplomat)


TEIORHÉÑHSEREÃ ( Mohawk chief, member of the wolf clan)

TEKARIHOGEN (John Brant) (Mohawk chief and Indian Department official)

TEKARIHOGEN (Mohawk chief)

TEKARIHOKEN (one of the sachems, or hereditary chiefs, of the Mohawks)

TEKAWIROÑTE (Mohawk warrior)

TEKAKWITHA, Kateri (the first Indian to be named venerable, daughter of a Christian Algonkin squaw and a pagan Mohawk)

TENSKWATAWA ( Shawnee religious and political leader)

TEOUATIRON (native of the Huron village of Saint-Ignace )

TESSOUAT (Algonkin chief of the Allumette Island tribe)

TESSOUAT (chief of the Allumette Island tribe of Algonkins (Kichesipirini), probably a

successor of the T essouat whom Champlain visited in 1613)

THAYENDANEGEA (Mohawk interpreter, translator, war chief, and statesman)

THEYANOGUIN (Mohawk warrior, sachem, diplomat, and orator)

TEYOHAQUEANDE (Onondaga warrior and sachem)

TISQUANTUM (English-speaking Indian of Pawtuxet ( Plymouth , Mass. )

TOGOUIROUI (the Great Mohawk , chief of the French Mohawks)

TONATAKOUT (Seneca chief)

TONENÉ, IGNACE (HBC employee, fur trader, chief, and prospector)

TOTIRI, Étienne (Huron Indian, staunch Christian convert)

TUBBEE, OKAH ( musician and doctor)

WABAKININE (Mississauga Ojibwa chief and warrior)

WABBICOMMICOT ( Mississauga chief in the Toronto area)

WAHPASHA (civil chief of the Mdewakanton band of the Santee Sioux)

WAPINESIW (Cree leading Indian)

WAPPISIS (captain of the Home Indians (Crees) at Albany Factory)

WAXAWAY ( dogique , and subchief of the Norridgewock division of the Abenakis)

WENEMOUET (a chief of the Penobscot division of the Abenakis)

WEYAPIERSENWAH (Blue Jacket) ( Shawnee war chief)

WIKASKOKISEYIN (chief of the Plains Cree Indians of the Saskatchewan country)

WIKINANISH (Nootka chief and furtrader)

WINNINNEWAYCAPPO (leading Indian, probably Cree)

WOWURNA (leading chief of the Norridgewock division of the Abenakis)

ZHAUWUNO-GEEZHIGO-GAUBOW ( Ojibwa shaman and headman of the Sucker

people at Sandy Lake )

ZHEEWEGONAB (band leader among the Northern Ojibwas)

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