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Date Published:
July 2005

L’Encyclopédie de l’histoire du Québec / The Quebec History Encyclopedia


Robert Forke


Forke, Robert (1860-1934), minister of immigration and colonization for Canada (1926-9), was born at Gordon, Berwickshire, Scotland, on June 2, 1860. He emigrated to Canada in 1882, and became a farmer at Pipestone, Manitoba. In 1921 he was elected to the Canadian House of Commons as a Progressive; and in 1922 he was appointed leader of the Progressive members in the House. From 1926 to 1929 he was minister of immigration and colonization in the Mackenzie King administration; and in 1929 he was called to the Senate of Canada. He died at Winnipeg, Manitoba, on February 2, 1934.

Source  : W. Stewart WALLACE, ed., The Encyclopedia of Canada, Vol. II, Toronto, University Associates of Canada, 1948, 411p., p. 362.


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