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March 2005

L’Encyclopédie de l’histoire du Québec / The Quebec History Encyclopedia


Ovide Charlebois


Charlebois, Ovide (1862-1933), Roman Catholic missionary, was born at Oka, Quebec, on February 12, 1862, was educated at the College of L'Assomption, entered the Oblate order, and was ordained a priest in 1887. From 1887 to 1903 he was a missionary in Saskatchewan ; and from 1903 to 1920 he was director of the industrial school at Lac aux Canards. He became in 1910 apostolic vicar of Keewatin, with the title of bishop of Berenice in partibus; and in 1925 he organized the first missions of the Roman Catholic Church on Hudson bay. He died on November 20, 1933.

Source  : W. Stewart WALLACE, ed., The Encyclopedia of Canada, Vol. II, Toronto, University Associates of Canada, 1948, 411p., p. 36.


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