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Date Published:
June 2005

L’Encyclopédie de l’histoire du Québec / The Quebec History Encyclopedia


O. Émile Dorais


Managing Director, St. Francis Water Power Co., Head Office, Thetford Mines; Managing Director, Beauce Electric & Power Co., Sherbrooke, Que. Born Warwick, Dec. 18, 1869, son of Louis Trefflé Dorais, who first came to Montreal in 1851 (Member for Nicolet County, 1878-87), and Marie E. Poisson. Chief Inspector for the Banque d'Hochelaga, 1898-1912. With the Banque de Peuple, 1885-98; resigned from the Banque d'Hochelaga to become interested with the St. Francis Water Power Co. Married Angéline Martel, daughter of U. Martel, Three Rivers, 1891 (deceased, 1893); has one daughter; secondly, Blanche Chartrand, daughter of Raymond Chartrand, 1898. Recreation: Motoring. Roman Catholic. Residence: 983 Dorchester Street W., Montreal.


Source: Prominent People of the Province of Quebec, 1923-24, Montreal, Biographical Society of Canada, Limited, undated and unpaginated. Correct French spelling and accents have been restored.

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