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Date Published:
June 2005

L’Encyclopédie de l’histoire du Québec / The Quebec History Encyclopedia


Lady Grace Julia Drummond


Born in Montreal, daughter of Alexander Davidson Parker and Grace Gibson, both of Edinburgh, Scotland . Educated in Montreal . Honorary LL.D. (McGill). Has always been interested in humanity and served it through many channels, such as The National Council of Women, The Victorian Order of Nurses, The Charity Organization Society (now the Family Welfare Association of Montreal), The Canadian Red Cross Society, and others. During the Great War, 1914-1919, shared in the activities of the Red Cross as head of the Information Bureau (C.R.C.) in London, and during the latter part of the war as Assistant Commissioner. Created Lady of Justice of Order of St. John of Jerusalem. Awarded Médaille de Reconnaissance, France ; Medal British Red Cross, 1914-18; Medal Serbian Red Cross. Although not in political life, has worked for women suffrage. In the words of Lady Drummond: "My aim and endeavour have been to promote the unity of the two races in Canada, also of that great Empire of which Canada is a part, believing, as I do, that if these two unities can be strengthened and maintained there will be some hope for the peace and unity of the world. This unity, whether of Canada, the Empire, or the World, will only be a reality when it can be told in the words of that great "Imperial" thinker, the Apostle Paul "The whole fitly joined together and compacted by that which every part supplieth maketh increase of itself in love." Married Rev. Geo. Hamilton, son of the late Robert Hamilton, of Hamwood, Que.; secondly, Hon. Sir Geo. A. Drummond, Montreal ; had two sons, Julian, who died in infancy, and Guy Melfort, killed in the Great War. Recreations: Travelling and reading. Clubs: Ladies' Empire Club (London, Eng.); Monteregian (Montreal). Anglican. Residence: 216 Drummond Street, Montreal.


Source: Prominent People of the Province of Quebec, 1923-24, Montreal, Biographical Society of Canada, Limited, undated and unpaginated.


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