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Date Published:
July 2005

L’Encyclopédie de l’histoire du Québec / The Quebec History Encyclopedia


Jean-Baptiste Louis Franquelin


Franquelin, Jean Baptiste Louis (fl. 1653-1712), geographer, was born in France between 1651 and 1653. He came to Canada about 1672, and was appointed royal hydrographer in 1686 or 1687. Many of the early maps and plans of New France were prepared by him. He returned to France about 1695, and he died there some time after 1712. See P. G. Roy, Un hydrographe du roi à Québec (Trans. Roy. Soc. Can., 1919).

Source  : W. Stewart WALLACE, ed., The Encyclopedia of Canada, Vol. II, Toronto, University Associates of Canada, 1948, 411p., p. 387. 


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