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Date Published:
July 2007

L’Encyclopédie de l’histoire du Québec / The Quebec History Encyclopedia


Donaldson Bogart Dowling


Dowling, Donaldson Bogart (1858-1925), was born in Camden township, Addington county, Ontario, on November 5, 1858. He was educated at McGill University (B.A.Sc., 1883; D.Sc., 1921), and entered in 1884 the service of the Geological Survey of Canada. He spent his life on the staff- of the Geological Survey; and he had charge of a number of important explorations in the Canadian West. He died at Ottawa on May 26, 1925.

Source: W. Stewart WALLACE, The Encyclopedia of Canada, Vol. II, Toronto, University Associates of Canada, 1948, 411p., p. 234.


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