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Date Published:
September 2007

L’Encyclopédie de l’histoire du Québec / The Quebec History Encyclopedia


Charles Austin Barnard

Senior Member of Law Firm of Barnard & McKeown.

Montreal, Canada.

CHARLES AUSTIN BARNARD was born August 12th, 1866, at Montreal. His father, Edmund Barnard, K. C., of Canadian birth and ancestry; his mother, Ellen King (Austin) Barnard, a daughter of Hon. Charles Lee Austin, of Albany, N.Y. His education was obtained first in the schools of Montreal, next at Collège Ste. Marie, from which he attended McGill University and graduated therefrom in 1889, with degree of B. A. and B. C. L. He finished at Fordham, N. Y., where he took the degrees of M. A, and B. C. With this fortification of knowledge he became a student in the law office of his father at Montreal. He was called to the bar in 1890, and practiced with his father. He was made a K. C. in 1910. At present he is the senior member of Barnard & McKeown, in the Dominion Express Building at Montreal. This firm is corporation counsel for the Prudential Trust Co., the Canada Securities Co., and for numerous other leading manufacturing, financial and railway institutions of Canada. Mr. Barnard is a director in the Richelieu & Ontario Navigation Co., and in the Canada Securities Co., and financially interested in other Montreal corporations. He is a member of the St. James; the La Fontaine, and of the Racquet Clubs of Montreal, also of the Rideau Club of Ottawa. Mr. Barnard was married June 8th, 1892, to Miss Marie La Mothe, daughter of the late Guillaume La Mothe, of Montreal, the union being blessed with two sons, Edmund Austin Barnard and John Eliot Barnard.


Source: Canadian History Makers. A Volume Containing Accurate and Concise Sketches of Men who have Done Things in The Dominion of Canada Past and Present Together with Photogravures Made from their Latest Photographs, Montreal, Canadian Publication Society, 1913, 159p., p. 31. Proper French spelling has been restored.

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