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Documents de l’histoire du Québec / Quebec History Documents


Documents on Quebec and Confederation


Editorials/articles of the Montreal Gazette

"Take Warning by Example", Montreal Gazette, August 24, 1864

"Let Us Have a Union Likely to Last", Montreal Gazette, September 2, 1864

"The Necessity of a Legislative Union", Montreal Gazette, September 9, 1864

"The Intercolonial Conference", Montreal Gazette, October 31, 1864

"The Scheme of Confederation", Montreal Gazette, November 3, 1864

"Misdirected Credit", Montreal Gazette, June 27, 1867

"Dominion Day", Montreal Gazette, July 1, 1867

Editorials/articles from the Montreal Witness


"The Rival Interests of Lower Canadian Nationalities, Montreal Witness, October 15 1867.


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