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Date Published:
September 2008

Mémoires / Theses


Ian C. PILARCZYK, "Justice in the Premises": Family and Violence and the Law in Montreal, 1825-1850, PhD thesis (Civil Law), McGill University, 2003, 463p.


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List of Source Abreviations

Introduction, 3p.

Chapter 1. "So Foul a Deed": Murderous Mothers in Early Nineteenth Century Montreal, 83p.

Chapter 2. "A Time Before Cruelty": Child Abuse and the Montreal Courts, 1825-1850, 85p.

Chapter 3. "Her Bruised Heart Bleeds in Secret": Spousal Violence in Montreal, 140p.

Chapter 4. "There is No Killing Like That Which Destroys the Heart": Spousal Murder in Early Nineteenth Century Montreal, 81p.




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