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L’Encyclopédie de l’histoire du Québec / The Quebec History Encyclopedia


Hon. John Sprott Archibald


ARCHIBALD, Hon. John Sprott, M.A., B.C.L., D.C.L., LL.D. - Ex-Acting Chief Justice of the Superior Court of the District of Montreal, as defined for the Court of Review, 1885. Born Halifax County, N.S., Sept. 8th, 1843, son of William Guild Archibald, of Musquodoboit, Halifax County, N.S., and Nancy Archibald of Truro, Colchester County, N.S. Educated: High School, Musquodoboit; Presbyterian Seminary, Truro; McGill University (B.A., 1867); Gold Medal, B.C.L., 1870; Gold Medal; M.A., D.C.L., and LL.D., all of McGill University. Revising Barrister under the Dominion Election Act; Judge of the Superior Court of the Province of Quebec since 1893; Actg. Chief justice of the said Court for the Review District of Montreal, appointed Feb. 1, 1915 ; Governor of McGill University; Alderman, St. Antoine Ward; Montreal, 1884-1890. Read law with Perkins & Ramsay and with Judah & Wurtele, Montreal; called to the Bar of the Province of Quebec, 1871; lectured on Criminal Law, McGill University, 1871; Professor of same, 1880; afterwards Professor of Commercial Law; became a Governor of the University upon resigning professorship; created K.C. (Marquis of Lorne), 1887; counsel for the Dominion Government re Caron Charges, 1892; appointed judge of the Superior Court, Nov. 22nd, 1893; retired after over twenty-nine years service in December, 1922; gave important judgments in Johnson v. Sparrow, upholding the right of a colored person, to occupy an orchestra chair at a theatre; and in Delpit v. Côté, upholding the validity of a marriage between two persons of the Catholic faith solemnized by a Protestant minister under license; is the author of a lecture "The Relations of the two Races in Lower Canada," as well as various contributions to literature. Married Ellen Jane Hutchinson, Bluevale, July 13, 1871 ; has four sons and one daughter. Clubs: Mount Royal ; Montreal Art Assoc.; Canadien; University. Presbyterian. Residence: 437 MacKay Street, Montreal .


Source: Prominent People of the Province of Quebec, 1923-24, Montreal, Biographical Society of Canada, Limited, undated and unpaginated. Correct French spelling and accents have been restored.




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