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Date Published:
April 2008

L’Encyclopédie de l’histoire du Québec / The Quebec History Encyclopedia


Sir Thomas G. Shaughnessy

President of the Canadian Pacific Railway Co. Montreal, Canada.

SIR THOMAS G. SHAUGHNESSY, was born October 6th, 1853, at Milwaukee, Wis., and  obtained his education in the schools of that city. In 1869, he entered the service of the Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul Ry. Co., taking a position in the purchasing department, and from that date has worked his way through all the various offices that exists in a railroad business. January, 1879, he was general store keeper, October, 1882, general purchasing agent for the Canadian Pacific Ry. Co., January, 1884 to September, 1885, assistant to the general manager, September, 1885 to September, 1889, assistant general manager, September, 1889 to June 24th, 1891, assistant to the president, June 24th, 1891 to June 12th, 1898, director and vice-president, and on June 12th, 1898, he became president of the Canadian Pacific Railway Company, which office he holds at present. He is the controlling head of the most extensive transportation system in the world, covering territory from the Atlantic to the Pacific Oceans by rail and the whole world by a fleet of steamers.

Source: Canadian History Makers. A Volume Containing Accurate and Concise Sketches of Men who have Done Things in The Dominion of Canada Past and Present Together with Photogravures Made from their Latest Photographs, Montreal, Canadian Publication Society, 1913, 159p., p. 141.

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