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April 2008

L’Encyclopédie de l’histoire du Québec / The Quebec History Encyclopedia


Charles Fleetwood Sise


CHARLES FLEETWOOD SISE, Montreal, President of the Bell Telephone Company of Canada, was born in the United States in 1834, his father being Edward Fleetwood Sise, Merchant and Ship Owner. Mr. Sise's grandfather, Edward Sise, went to the United States from Ireland in 1784.


After being educated in the United States, Mr. Sise went to sea for several years and after commanding vessels in the Atlantic, Pacific and Australian lines, took charge of his father's shipping and cotton business at New Orleans and Mobile. After the Civil War in the United States he went to England as the head of the Liver house. He came to Canada in 1880 and established the Bell Telephone Co. of Canada, being connected with that powerful corporation ever since. He also identified himself with other important business corporations of his adopted country. At the present time he is president of the Bell Telephone Company, the Wire and Cable Co., The Northern Electric and Man'f'g. Co. and the North American Telegraph Company. He is a director of the Canadian Westinghouse Company, the North British and Mercantile Ins. Co., The Sincennes McNaughton Line, the Nova Scotia Telephone Company and the New Brunswick Telephone Co.


Mr. Sise is a member of the St. James Club, Mount Royal Club, Hunt Club, and Forest and Stream Club of Montreal; the Algonquin Club of Boston; Rideau Club, Ottawa, and Toronto Club, Toronto.


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