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January 2005

L’Encyclopédie de l’histoire du Québec / The Quebec History Encyclopedia


Alexandre Edouard Kierzkowski


Kierzkowski, Alexandre Edouard (1816-1870), politician and author, was born in the Grand Duchy of Posen in 1816. He fought in the Polish national cause in 1830-1, and was forced to exile himself in Paris. Here he studied civil engineering; and in 1841 he emigrated to Canada. He took an active part in politics; and in 1858 he was elected to the Legislative Council, and in 1861 to the Legislative Assembly, but on both occasions was unseated. In 1867, however, he was elected to the Canadian House of Commons for St. Hyacinthe ; and he remained a member of the House until his death at St. Ours, Quebec, on August 4, 1870. He was twice married, (1) to Louise, daughter of the Hon. P. D. Debartzch, and (2) to Caroline Virginie, daughter of the Hon. Roch François de St. Ours. He was the author of a pamphlet entitled La question de la tenure seigneuriale du Bas-Canada Montreal, 1852).

Source : W. Stewart WALLACE, ed., The Encyclopedia of Canada, Vol. III, Toronto, University Associates of Canada, 1948, 396p., pp. 330-331.

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