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July 2006

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Canadian history (HIS 925) and Quebec history (HIS 951) course documents

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What's New




Under construction - A History of New France / Une histoire de la Nouvelle-France. The history shall contain over 2,000 files.

Additions to the Encyclopedia - Revisions to various texts; addition of a new translated version of the FLQ Manifesto; updating of significant articles of the Encyclopedia.

Libéralisme et nationalisme chez Jules Fournier

July/Juillet 2008 Additions to the Quebec History Encyclopedia / Additions à L'Encyclopédie de l'histoire du Québec
May/Mai 2008 Mémoires/theses section
July/Juillet 2006

La Guerre de Sept Ans au Canada

The Seven Years War in Canada


May/Mai 2006

August/Août 2006

Esdras Minville

François-Albert Angers


March/Mars 2006

L’Encyclopédie de l’histoire du Québec / The Quebec History Encyclopedia (additions are continously made; now contains more than 2,500 pages)


September-October 2005

Histoire des femmes du Québec / Quebec's Women History

Le droit de vote des femmes / Women's Right to Vote

Le féminisme / feminism

November 2004

Les Jeune-Canada : Documents


30 August 2004

Biographies of Prominent Quebec and Canadian Historical figures (additions)

Maps of Quebec / Cartes du Québec (over 60 added)


20 August 2004

Bibliographie d’articles sur l’histoire du Canada et du Québec (Bibliography of articles on Canadian and Quebec History)

First nations of Canada and Quebec (over 200 pages available)


20 August 2004

Bibliographies of Canadian and Quebec History

Bibliography/Bibliographie sur Lionel Groulx


20 August 2001

Documents on the 1949 Asbestos Strike


13 August 2001

Franco-American History

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