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Hon. F. Gordon Bradley


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The admission of Newfoundland into Confederation imposed on Mr. St. Laurent the duty of naming the new Minister to represent that province in the Cabinet. Conspicuous qualification for such a post led the general agreement in advance conjecture in regard to his choice that Hon. F. Gordon Bradley was assured of the honor. Announcement that Mr. Bradley has been taken into the administration will deservedly meet the approval elsewhere with which it must be received in his own province.


The new Secretary of State enters upon his new duties with the benefit of extensive experience in public affairs in Newfoundland upon which to draw. He entered the government immediately upon election to the Assembly for the first time, held portfolios in two succeeding administrations, sat as Leader of the Opposition in the last Assembly before the institution of government by Commission.


The new Minister was one of the most determined and effective advocates of Confederation between the election of the Constitutional Convention in 1946 and the plebiscite that decided the issue last year, leader of the first delegation to Ottawa, member of the second. Newfoundland is ably represented in the person of Mr. Bradley, and the government strengthened by his appointment.


Source : "Hon. F. Gordon Bradley", editorial, Montreal Star, April 2, 1949, p. 10.


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