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Flag and Newfoundland


[For the source of this document, see the end of the text.]

I am cleaning up my desk before leaving by slow boat for Britain. One memo says: "Why not write something about Newfoundland joining Canada?"

What need I say?

It's in line with the process of history.

It's a good thing for Newfoundland and a good thing for Canada. It is the first step in the process which will fairly soon federate the whole English-speaking world, and later all mankind.

*     *     *     *     *

The first editorial writer's job I ever had was with the old Montreal Witness back in the 1920's. John Redpath Dougall, my boss - or, rather, my chief, for he never once "bossed" me in the four years I worked for him - often wrote favouring the inclusion of Newfoundland in Canada.

I wrote many articles myself on the subject, back about 1924 or 1925. So it gives me satisfaction now that we put our finger right on the spot that now counts:

That Newfoundland's importance would be immensely magnified when Trans-Atlantic air travel really got going.

Source: Elmore Philpot, "Flag and Nfld", Vancouver Sun, March 30, 1949, p. 4. Article transcribed by Claude Bélanger.


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