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Guide to Essay Writing and Research

Essay Evaluation Scheme

Your term paper will be evaluated out of 100 on a sheet designed specifically for that purpose. You will receive this sheet, along with your term paper and my comments some weeks after the papers have been submitted.
Three aspects will be equally assessed in judging your paper. These are:
  1. Presentation and Writing (33%);
  2. Research (33%);
  3. the quality of the argument conducted (34%).

The following lists what each part contains:

  • Writing and Presentation: Title page well made; general appearance of your Paper; adherence to the rules set out in my Guide for Essay Writing and in the Notes on Scholarly Style; the Introduction: problem well defined, thesis outlined clearly and briefly, factors to be examined well outlined, suitable length; the Conclusion: arguments well summarized; Writing: grammar, spelling, punctuation, use of precise, exact language; clear, elegant sentences, good flow between paragraphs; maintaining the right tone; unity in paragraphs.
  • The Research: Bibliography is well made, contains the best sources on the subject; footnotes are well made and accurate; evidence is presented when necessary; use and understanding of the sources; reliance on a wide variety of sources; extensiveness and accuracy of information; use and appropriateness of tables, charts, graphs etc...; good integration of class and office material; consultation with the teacher.
  • The arguments: Do you follow a good plan? Is there a logical and coherent flow; are all relevant aspects included; is the argument complete, taken to its conclusion; appropriate weight given to the arguments, showing judgement; adhering to your purpose; applying critical thinking; not too descriptive, superficial, repetitive or contradictory; convincing and compelling.

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