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July 2005

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Ticonderoga. Known to the French as Carillon. Built by Lotbinière in 1755-1756, on a promontory at the southern end of Lake Champlain, where it formed the advanced post of the French, and guarded the frontier from British attack. Abercrombie brought an army against it in 1758, and was badly beaten by Montcalm. The following year Amherst captured the fort, Bourlamaque retreating down the lake with his force. In 1775 it was taken by the Americans, under Ethan Allen; and recaptured in 1777 by Burgoyne, remaining in the possession of the British until the close of the war. When the boundary was settled, it became the property of the United States.

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Source: Lawrence J. BURPEE and Arthur G. DOUGHTY, The Makers of Canada. Index and Dictionary of Canadian History, Toronto, Morang & Co., Limited, 1912, 446p., p. 381.


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