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Date Published:
June 2005

L’Encyclopédie de l’histoire du Québec / The Quebec History Encyclopedia


Horatio Walker

Peintre du Québec - Quebec Painter



Articles sur Horatio Walker:


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Works by Horatio Walker - Peintures d'Horatio Walker

Tree Fellers

Ave Maria

The Return

Turning the Harrow (colour plate)

An Old Islander

Oxen Drinking

The Thresher

Corner of Sainte-Pétronille (colour plate)

Killing Pigs


Fishing Nets

Wood-Cutters (colour plate)

Fagot Gatherers

Man Sawing Wood

By the Fireside

The Bake-Oven

The Royal Mail

Milking Early Morn (colour plate)

Potato Gatherers

Tree Fellers (2)

At Low Tide

Canoe Cove

Unloading Hay Boat

Ice Cutters (colour plate)

After the Wedding

Farmhouse Interior

The Farmer's Wife

Maple Sugar Harvest

Carrying the Ice

Before Milking

The Sorcerers

Célestin (colour plate)

The Smugglers

Corner of the Stable

The Shepperdess


Hauling the Log

Horses at the Trough

Morning Île d'Orléans

Golden Dew

Ave Maria

Milk Maid Île d'Orléans

A Canadian Pastoral

Little White Pigs and Mother

First Snow

Preparing the Feed

The Turkey Girl


Maple Sugar Harvest

The Rainbow

Milking on the Batture

La Rencontre

Mare and Foal

Morning Ste-Pétronille

Spring Forage


Hauling Wood

The Sheep Fold

De Profundis

Sheep Shearers

Deo Gratias

Oxen Ploughing

Tournant la herse (en couleur)

Labourage à l'aube (en couleur)

Milk Woman

La tonte du mouton (en couleur)

Pétronille de St-François (en couleur)

Vieille Maison à Ste-Famille (en couleur)

Interior of a House (colour plate)

Corner of Pig Lane in Quebec (colour plate)

Le vieux four (en couleur)

Église de l'Île aux Grues (en couleur)

The Gardener

The Harrow

Peasant Scraping Pig

Girl With Turkeys

Old House at Ste-Famille

Way-Side Shrine at St.-Laurent (colour plate)





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