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Documents in Quebec History


Last revised:
23 August 2000

Documents on the October Crisis

Statement made October 15 by Robert Bourassa

Faced with the deterioration of the situation and the need to ensure public order, the government of Quebec has decided to give its final viewpoint in its negotiations with the Front de liberation du Quebec.

In the matter of the initial question, the freeing safe and sound of Mr Laporte and Mr Cross, the government of Quebec suggests that either the International Red Cross or the Consulate of Cuba in Montreal act as intermediary between the two parties.

As for the other conditions set by the Front de liberation du Quebec, the government replies as follows:

  1. It does not accept the freeing of the total number of prisoners listed by the Front de liberation du Quebec. However, it promises to recommend firmly the parole of five [Demers, Faulkner, LaQuerre, Simard, and R. Levesque] of the prisoners who have asked for parole. It has already undertaken steps in this direction.
  2. The authorities concerned promise to furnish safe passage to members of the FLQ cells who carried out the kidnapping of Mr Laporte and Mr Cross.
  3. The same authorities are disposed to assure themselves that there will be a plane for the purpose of transport to the chosen country.
  4. Finally, in regard to the other conditions, the government does not believe it would be legitimate to accept them.

The government took this decision in weighing all the implications and alternatives which could exist.

Because of the nature of the situation and the numerous delays which already exist, the government requests a reply within six hours of the publication of this communiqué.

Lawyer Robert Lemieux has been advised of the content of this communiqué by lawyer Robert Demers.

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