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Last revised:
19 February 2001

Documents sur l’affaire Yves Michaud / Documents on the Yves Michaud Affair

Petition of Citizens in Support of the Views of Lucien Bouchard

[Note of the editor: This petition was originally written by 14 young Quebecers, all apparently members of the Parti Québécois. Its aim was to support the views expressed by Lucien Bouchard and to condemn the ethnocentric nationalism that they believe was voiced by Yves Michaud. The petition was published in Le Devoir in a full-page paid ad. It included the name of over 1,000 ordinary citizens who declared their support for the views of the young "péquistes".]

We are all Quebecers

We salute Mr. Lucien Bouchard for his contribution to the defence of a conception of a Quebec citizenship that is modern and inclusive. The circumstances surrounding his departure demand of all citizens of Quebec to intervene in the public debate with the explicit aim of reaffirming their attachment to the values and principles contained in the Charter of Human Rights and Freedoms of Quebec.

To this effect, we also declare that all citizens, without any distinction, can exercise his or her right to vote as they wish without fearing to be accused of intolerance. We reject all nationalisms that promote an identity founded upon ethnicity. Men and women of Quebec are all Quebecers and they share the same patrimony of rights and responsibilities. We affirm our wish to live together in a Quebec where the French language, democracy and solidarity are at the heart of all political projects.

To this effect, we propose to the men and women of Quebec a political and inclusive conception of the nation.

The responsibility to bring about this vision and to chart the path of our future for the benefit of us all belongs to us collectively. This responsibility starts today.

[Have signed]: Daniel Baril, Ani Castonguay, Isabelle Charron, Aude Clotteau, Nikolas Ducharme, Henri-Robert Durandisse, Frederico Fonseca, Alessandro Gasparini, Pascal Jean-Baptiste, Audrey McKinnon, Antonella Simoncelli, Jean Sébastien Talbot, Marc Therrien, Vicky Trépanier.

And about 1,000 other people whose names appear in the ad.

Source: Le Devoir, January 16, 2001, p. A-2.

© 2001 For the translation, Claude Bélanger, Marianopolis College