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Last revised:
23 August 2000

Tentative de créer un Ministère de l'Instruction publique / Attempt to create a Ministry of Education, 1897-1898

Telegram from J.-A. Chapleau to Cardinal Rampolla

December 8, 1897.

"Letter from Mgr Bruchési to the Premier, demanding, on behalf of the Holy Father, to withdraw bill on education, received yesterday. Convinced that this action would be, under the circumstances disastrous for the peace and cordial relations of the people of Quebec, and not wishing to take this responsibility, after giving to the Holy See unquestionable assurances of his devotion, my Premier believes, with good cause in my opinion, that he would not have any other alternative than to place his resignation in my hands, if the request of the Holy Father remains such as transmitted by Mgr Bruchési, and as it has been interpreted here from his letter, that is as an absolute order to the Premier as a Roman Catholic."

"Bill must be tabled in the two legislatures next Monday. Copy of clauses of the Bill modifying the present education act already sent by me to Mgr. Bruchési in Rome".

Sources: Louis-Philippe Audet, « Le projet de ministère de l'instruction publique en 1897 », in Mémoires de la société royale du Canada, Vol. 1, Fourth Series, June 1963, pp. 133-161, p. 142. and Robert Rumilly, Histoire de la province de Québec, Vol. IX - Marchand, Montreal, Bernard Valiquette, 315p., p. 31.


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