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Last revised:
23 August 2000

Tentative de créer un Ministère de l'Instruction publique / Attempt to create a Ministry of Education, 1897-1898

Speech for the Throne, Province of Quebec Session 1897-1898

[Note from the editor: Only the two paragraphs concerned with education are reproduced here.]

"You will be called to give assent to measures of the highest interest, among which will be found, in the first place, a new law regarding education. This measure includes important changes to the existing law without, however, bringing such other modifications that are not called for by the needs of the present situation.

Imbued with a sense of responsibility in anything that will further the well-being and the progress of the province, the government cannot disinterest itself of so important a question as education. In the bill that will be submitted to the House, the creation of a Ministry of Education is provided for; its functionning will not cause any additional expenditures, the number of ministers remaining the same as presently".

Source: Journaux du Conseil législatif, Québec, 1897-1898, Vol. XXXII. Quoted in Louis-Philippe Audet, « Le projet de ministère de l'instruction publique en 1897 », dans Mémoires de la société royale du Canada, Vo. 1, fourth series, June 1963, pp. 133-161, p. 140.

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