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Tickle Cove Dory Races


Photo courtesy of Kent Hotson [August 2004]

The Tickle Cove Dory Races were revived in 1997 for Come Home Year. The races are a unique offering of the Tickle Cove Festival, one of the many area festivals. The first race was held in the 1930's; it pitted a five-man crew from Tickle Cove against one from nearby Red Cliff. The prize for the Tickle Cove victors was "a new suit of oil clothes". One of the original crew that won the race gave his life in the Second World War (as told to Joan Hotson, on September 18, 2004, by Mr. Jim Oldford, age 91, crew member in the first race).

In the 1840's, Tickle Cove was the preeminent fishing community in Bonavista Bay.



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