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Sts Peter and Paul Roman Catholic Church

King's cove, Bonavista Bay, Newfoundland


Photo courtesy of Kent Hotson [September 2004]

The inscription on the plaque reads: "Father Sinnott in 1815 was the first priest to take charge of the King's Cove Parish which extended at that time from Fortune Harbour to Heart's Content - a coastline of 500 miles. He built the first church in 1825. Father Wm Veitch became parish priest in 1875 and established a number of schools and churches in his parish. His first big work in church construction was the present church whose construction began in 1884. The old one built in 1825 had become too small for the increased congregation. The new church was built over the old one and was completed by free labour of the parishioners between Knight's Cove and Keels inclusive. They traveled every day of the week to King,s Cove in relays of ten whose names were called from the altar each Sunday. The people were cheerfully responsive to these calls and in two years the church was finished. The parish today extends from Tickle Cove to Keels." (Plaque erected by King's Cove Historical Society)


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