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Newfoundland Historical Documents

[Compiled by the site editor]

A Briefe Discourse of the New-Found-Lande (1620)  by John Mason

A Discourse and Discovery of New-Found-Land (1620)  Richard Whitbourne

Amulree Report

A Plaine Pathway to Plantations (1624)  by Richard Eburne

An Act to Approve the Terms of Union of Newfoundland with Canada [At the National Library of Canada] [from the Solon Law Archives]

An Act to Regulate the Celebration of Marriages in Newfoundland (1817); Revision of 1824; Further enactment in 1833.

Anti-Confederation Speeches and Songs (1869); newspaper articles on Confederation (1869)

Caricatures and Articles from 1948 about Union with Canada

Confederation with Canada (1839 to today)

Confederation (1949): various resources

Constitutions of Newfoundland and Labrador (1713-1949)

Documents in Support of a Cabot Landfall in Newfoundland

Documents on the Development of the Administration of Law in Newfoundland (1634-1825)

Documents on the Establishment of Commission of Government (1933-1934)

Documents on the Issue and Development of Responsible Government in Newfoundland (1832-1849)

Documents Relating to the Colony of Ferryland (1597-1726)

Editorial from the Telegram on the Eve of Confederation (March 31, 1949)

Labrador Boundary Dispute (1763-1999)

Laws and Regulations of the Province of Newfoundland

Laws Establishing the Emblems of Newfoundland

Let the People Decide: Newfoundland 1947-1949.

Newfoundland fisheries: the French and American Shores (1713-1904)

Newfoundland House of Assembly (1874-today)

Newfoundland Human Rights Code

Privy Council Documents on the Labrador Boundary Dispute

Quodlibets (1628)  by Robert Hayman

Term 17 of the Act of Union (education clause): discussions, changes (1949-1997)

The Golden Fleece (1626)  by William Vaughan


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