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Trouty, Newfoundland

[c. 1960]



Trouty is a typical community of Newfoundland with its colourful salt-box houses, as there were hundreds in the province once upon a time. Clinging to cliffs, along the sea (in this case Trinity Bay, Newfoundland), with its stages and fish flakes on which fish was dried, these communities lived a perilous existence, drawing from the sea what sustenance they could. Even before the imposition of the "Cod Moratorium", these small isolated communities were in difficulty. From 1954 to 1975, the Newfoundland department of Social Welfare resettled the population of over 150 remote communities. This resettlement policy was heavily criticized and had, at best, mixed success. Trouty, which was linked to the rest of the province by road, did not suffer this fate. It remains a picturesque locale that visitors love to see.


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