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Last revised:
23 August 2000

Chartered Banks with a Head Office in Quebec (1867-1896)

Name of the BankCityYear establishedAssets in 1896 ($)
Bank of MontrealMontreal1817$59,289,000
Bank of British North AmericaMontreal1836$12,687,00
Banque du PeupleMontreal1835$ 4,852,000
Banque Jacques-CartierMontreal1861$ 3,040,000
Banque Ville-MarieMontreal1872$ 1,745,000
Banque D'HochelagaMontreal1874$ 5,642,000
Molson's BankMontreal1853$14,990,000
Merchants Bank of CanadaMontreal1861$23,895,000
Banque NationaleQuebec City1859$ 4,975,000
Quebec BankQuebec City1818$11,205,000
Union Bank of CanadaQuebec City1865$ 7,531,000
Banque de St. JeanSt. Jean1873$ 528,000
Banque de St. HyacintheSt. Hyacinthe1873$ 1,597,000
Eastern Townships BankSherbrooke1859$ 6,705,000
Mechanic's BankMontreal1865*
Metropolitan BankMontreal1871*
Exchange Bank of CanadaMontreal1872*
Stadacona BankQuebec City1873*

Source: LINTEAU, DUROCHER, ROBERT, Histoire du Québec contemporain, Vol. 1, De la Confédération à la Crise, Boréal Express, 1979, p. 110.

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