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Last revised:
23 August 2000

American Life Histories : Manuscripts from 1936-1940

Canada's Digital Collections (version française disponible)

The CanText Library (Canadian Documents online)

Books of Remembrance

British North America Act, 1867

Canada Act - 1982

Canadian Bill of Rights - 1960

Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedom

Canadian Constitutional Documents

Charlottetown Accord - 1992

La Charte des droits et des libertés de la personne du Québec

Le code civil du Québec

Consolidated Constitutional Laws of Canada, 1867-1982

Decisions of the Supreme Court of Canada (1989 to today)

Decisions of the Supreme Court of Canada concerning the Canadian Charter of Rights (1983-1995)

Discours du Premier Ministre du Québec (Français)

Documents d'histoire du Québec (Jérôme Ouellet)

Early Canada Online

Écrits de Lionel Groulx

Écrits indépendantistes

Federalist Academic Writings on Canadian Federalism and on the Constitution

Historic Documents On-Line (From the site of Learning and Researching Canadian History)

Historical Atlas of Canada: Data Dissemination Project

Index of the Federal Government Departmental News Releases and Statements and Speeches Database (Foreign Affairs and International Trade) / Index des Communiqués, Déclarations et Discours Ministériels (Département des affaires étrangères et du commerce international)

Index to the 1871 Census of Ontario

Sir John A. Macdonald on the Federal System - 1864

Laws of Canada / Lois du Canada

Making of America by Cornell University (The site gives access to 267 monographs and 100,000 journal articles printed in the United States in the XIXth century. The articles are derived from 22 different journals or magazines, making available close to 1,000,000 pages. Much Canadian and Quebec material available here.)

Manifesto of the Front de Liberation Quebecois (FLQ) - 1970

Map of the Ethnic Origins of Canadians, 1901

Meech Lake Accord - 1987

National Library of Canada – Electronic Collection

North American Free Trade Agreement (1994)

Psst! Wanna see some propaganda posters? Canadian World War II Propaganda

Quebec Act - 1774

Quebec Resolutions - 1864

Soldiers of the Canadian Expeditionary Force in the First World War

Speeches by the Prime Minister of Quebec (English)

Statutes of Westminster - 1931

Texts on the National Unity Debate between Federalists and Sovereignists