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Date Published:
May 2007


Are you ready for the final exam?


1. In the XIXth Century, what was the name given to the Irish nationalists who struck at British power by attacking Canada?

2. Which type of products was primarily covered under the terms of the Reciprocity Treaty?

3. In which city was the most important constitutional conference leading to Confederation held?

4. In Canada, which level of government has jurisdiction over the administration of justice?

5. Who is accused of having been “murdered” by Louis Riel?

6. In what way was the province of Manitoba treated differently from the other provinces when it was created?

7. Which Prime Minister conducted himself in an honest fashion, shunning as much as possible what he considered to be the evils of patronage?

8. This westerner in Wilfrid Laurier’s cabinet resigned over the Autonomy bills.

9. Who was the leader of the pro-confederation side when Newfoundland agreed to join Canada?

10. At the outset, how much land did a homesteader receive free (apart from surveying and registration fees) in Western Canada under the Dominion Land’s Act?

11. Which group was the only one to have gone through the Great Depression without suffering economic problems? [answer at the end of the test]

12. With which Prime Minister would you associate the creation of the National Policy?

13. What kind of products were particularly protected under the National Policy? [answer at the end of the test]

14. Give one social/demographic effect that the Great Depression had.

15. Against what group was a head tax collected by Canadian immigration before 1923?

16. Give one important reason why Canada refused to accept Jewish refugees in the 1930’s.

17. Which was the first universal welfare program created by Canada?

18. Which Prime Minister lost power over his negotiation of a Reciprocity Treaty with the United States?

19. During the Great Depression, what did people call, in derision, a car pulled by horses?

20. After Great Britain, where did the second largest group of immigrants come from in the period of 1896-1945.

21. With which country did Canada sign a Gentlemen’s Agreement?

22. How do you qualify to be called a Father of Confederation?

23. What was the main business of government in Canada in the period of 1850-1900?

24. Give one reason for the change in Canadian immigration policy after 1945?

25. What company received the contract to build the transcontinental railway?


Answer to #11 = People on fixed income

Answer to # 13 = Industrial products



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