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Last revised:
April 2006


Impact of National Policy Tariffs


Positive Impact

Negative Impact


Protects Infant Canadian Industry

Beginning of branch-plant economy = American control


Protects Jobs in Canada

Industry is restricted to our national market = small


Helps create new Industry

Industry is uncompetitive, weak – must continue to protect it


Transfers technology to Canada



Keeps Canadians in Canada

Not enough jobs created – emigration continues


Raises revenue for the government



Helps create East-West/national economy

Regional and class bias; profits central Canada and the industrial class



Frequent corruption associated with the tariffs

  Increases the cost of living, decreases the standard of living*

* By decreasing the standard of living in Canada, by creating a greater gap between Canadian and American standards of living, the policy gave even more reasons to Canadians to emigrate to the United States. In part, that is why there was an increase of Canadian emigration to the United States in the 1880's and 1890's.