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August 2005

L’Encyclopédie de l’histoire du Québec / The Quebec History Encyclopedia


The Seven Years War

The Deportation of the Acadians


Arthur DOUGHTY, The Acadian Exiles. A Chronicle of the Land of Evangeline, Glasgow, Brook & Company, 1916, 178p.

Map of Acadia

Chapter 1: "The Founders of Acadia", pp. 1-16.

Chapter 2: "The British in Acadia", pp. 17-27.

Chapter 3: "The Oath of Allegiance", pp. 28-46.

Chapter 4: "In Times of War", pp. 47-58.

Chapter 5: "Cornwallis and the Acadians", pp. 59-70.

Chapter 6: "The 'Ancient Boundaries' ", pp. 71-82.

Chapter 7: "A Lull in the Conflict", pp. 83-87.

Chapter 8: "The Lawrence Regime", pp. 88-113.

Chapter 9: "The Expulsion", pp. 114-137.

Chapter 10: "The Exiles", pp. 138-161.

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Evangeline by Faed

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