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Date Published:
April 2008

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Henry Duff Reid

Vice-President and Treasurer of the Reid Newfoundland Company,

St. Johns, Newfoundland.

HENRY DUFF REID was born at New South Wales, Australia, January 29th, 1870. A son of Sir Robert G. Reid and Harriet (Duff) Reid. He received his education in the Public Schools of Ontario (his parents having moved to Canada in 1873).

In 1890 he went to Newfoundland. He was connected with his father for three years, farming in Minnesota, and assisted his father and brother in building railways in Cape Breton. The Reid Newfoundland Company was organized in 1901, and in 1908 Mr. H. D. Reid became Vice-President and Treasurer. This Company operates the Newfoundland Railways and owns the Costal Steamship Service, and owns and operates The Newfoundland Express Co.; the St. Johns Street Railway; the St. Johns Dry Docks, and several other leading financial and industrial institutions in St. Johns. In January, 1913, The Reid Newfoundland Company announced the latest additions to their fleet of steamers, The Invermore and the lntrose. The Invermore's ice-breaking powers and sailing capacity will excel any boat yet seen in Newfoundland waters. The Introse, which is intended for the Newfoundland-Labrador service, will carry seventy first-class and one hundred and fifty second-class passengers with from five to six hundred tons of freight.

Mr. Reid is a member of the City, the St. Johns, and the Curling Clubs; is an honorary member of the Golf and Country Clubs of St. Johns; a life member of the Royal Automobile Club of London, England, and a member of the Royal Colonial Institute, London. He is affiliated with the Masonic Fraternity.

Mr. Reid was married November 4th, 1894, to Jessie Patterson, of Scotland, and has one son and two daughters.

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