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L’Encyclopédie de l’histoire du Québec / The Quebec History Encyclopedia


Hon. Frank Carrel


CARREL, Hon. Frank, LL.D., M.L.C. - Editor and Proprietor, Quebec Daily Telegraph, L'Automobile au Canada, etc., 25-27 Buade Street, Quebec; President, Frank Carrel, Ltd.; President, Quebec Bridge Realty Co.; Vice-President, Mortgage Discount and Finance, Ltd., Toronto; Vice-President, Prudential Trust Company, Montreal; Vice-President, Municipal Bankers' Corporation, Toronto; Hon. President, Quebec Provincial Motor League, etc. Born Quebec, Sept. 7, 1870, son of James and Josephine (Butchart) Carrel. Clubs: Garrison (Quebec); St. James's and Reform ( Montreal ); Authors', Automobile, etc. (London , Eng.); Interallié (Paris, France).


Source: Prominent People of the Province of Quebec, 1923-24, Montreal, Biographical Society of Canada, Limited, undated and unpaginated. Correct French spelling and accents have been restored.



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