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April 2008

L’Encyclopédie de l’histoire du Québec / The Quebec History Encyclopedia


Bertram Grenville Winans

Financier, Vice-president Dominion Bond Company, Ltd. Montreal, Canada.

BERTRAM GRENVILLE WINANS, financier, was born August 19th, 1873 at Toronto, Can. His father, the late Edward Culver Winans, was a wholesale wool and oil merchant, Toronto; his mother, Margaret Elizabeth (Ruthven) Winans, ancestors on paternal side were originally Dutch but grandparents were natives of Maryland and Virginia, U. S. His mother's people are of Scotch descent. His education was obtained at Ryerson School, Toronto. He began his business career in the office of Sir Thomas Tait, (then assistant superintendent of the Canadian Pacific Railway in 1889). He next entered the Canadian Bank of Commerce, Toronto, remaining with that institution for ten years, occupying various positions. January 1st, 1899, Mr. Winans became assistant accountant in the Royal Bank of Montreal, and July 5th he opened the New York  branch as accountant. He returned to Montreal in December to become accountant at head office; was in this position until 1903 when he received the appointment of manager of their West End branch, Montreal. In January, 1906, acting manager of Montreal branch. May, 1906, acting manager of Ottawa branch and in October of same year received the appointment of secretary to the board of directors at Halifax, and inspector of the Royal Bank of Canada branches in the Maritime Province, August 16th, 1909 appointed manager of the bank at Hamilton, Ont., and October 1st, 1910 he joined the Dominion Bond Company, Ltd. and is at present the vice-president. He is also a director in the following corporations: Belding Paul Cortcelli, Ltd.; Tooke Bros., Ltd.; The Alliance Mfg. Co.; Saskatoon Agencies, Ltd. Is a member of the following clubs in Montreal: The Montreal Club, Engineers Club, Manitou Club, Montreal Amateur Athletic Association, Montreal Curling Club, Winter Club, Ltd., Royal St. Lawrence Yacht Club, Automobile Club of Canada. Member of the Board of Trade,  life governor of the Montreal General Hospital, member of the Junior Army & Navy Club, London, Eng. Life member of Argonaut Rowing Club of Toronto, Hamilton Club of  Hamilton, in which city he is affiliated with the Masonic Fraternity, being a member of the Barton Lodge No. 6 of that city. Mr. Winans was married September 12th, 1900, to Laura Edith  Howland Tilley, granddaughter of Sir Leonard Tilley, father of Confederation of  Canadian provinces. Mr. Winans has been prominent in athletics, and continues to take a great interest in them; also in military affairs, having belonged to several Canadian regiments, and is a captain in the 3rd Regiment Victoria Rifles of Canada.

Source: Canadian History Makers. A Volume Containing Accurate and Concise Sketches of Men who have Done Things in The Dominion of Canada Past and Present Together with Photogravures Made from their Latest Photographs, Montreal, Canadian Publication Society, 1913, 159p., p. 83.

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