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Last revised:
19 February 2001

Documents sur l’affaire Yves Michaud / Documents on the Yves Michaud Affair

Public Statement of Mr. Bernard Landry

[Note from the editor: At the time of writing, strong rumours suggest that Mr. Bernard Landry shall be a candidate to the leadership of the Parti Québécois and that, as the front-runner, he will likely become the next Premier of Quebec. At a press conference where he discussed his potential candidature, he touched on the Michaud affair in the following manner:]

"I believe that to all bad things there is a silver lining. In this case, we have witnessed that unanimity was made around a central fact for our future: the Quebec nation is a civic and political nation and it is not necessary to have had ancestors who cultivated the fields of Île d’Orléans to be considered a Quebecer. The Quebec nation is formed of people who live on the territory of Quebec to the exception of the native people who have their own nations as the National Assembly recognized in 1985. That is the central fact and I hope that there is not anyone left in Quebec that has doubt about that.


The question of the sovereignty of Quebec is a fundamental question whose corner stone is the fact that Quebec is a nation. And a nation never rests politically as long as it has not achieved equality with the other nations."


Source: Le Devoir, January 16, 2001, p. A-5

© For the translation, Claude Bélanger, Marianopolis College