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Last revised:
23 August 2000

Tentative de créer un Ministère de l'Instruction publique / Attempt to create a Ministry of Education, 1897-1898

Response of J.-A. Chapleau to the Letter of F.-G. Marchand

Quebec, December 7, 1897.

"My dear Premier,

I have just re-read my letter to Mgr. Bruchési; it seems to me to cover the whole field. You can assure your colleagues of the perfect conformity of our views on this matter. It might be advisable to keep this correspondence confidential until such time as you might be forced to table it in the Legislature.

Yours truly,

J.-A. Chapleau".

Source: Louis-Philippe Audet, « Le projet de ministère de l'instruction publique en 1897 », in Mémoires de la société royale du Canada, Vol. 1, Fourth series, June 1963, pp. 133-161, p. 142.

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