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Last revised:
23 August 2000

French Canadians and Jews

Letter of Resignation of Dr. Rabinovitch

L’Ordre, June 19, 1934

Montreal, June 18th, 1934

The Board of Directors,
Nôtre-Dame Hospital,


In view of the distressing, serious and dangerous condition to which the patients of the Nôtre-Dame and other hospitals have been exposed because of the refusal of a number of their internes to take orders from their superiors and the embarassement that the various boards of Nôtre-Dame and other hospitals, I feel it my duty as a Physician to tender my resignation as interne to your hospital.

May I take the opportunity of expressing to you my sincere appreciation for the very fine stand that you have taken in this manner, also state that this stand played its part in my present action because I felt that the least I could do was not to embarras you further.

I feel that my decision will meet with the approval of the entire Jewish community because the care of the sick has always been of first importance with the Jewish people.

I bemoan the fact taht so many French Canadian Physicians, namely graduates, should have ignored the first duty of their oath which they have so recently taken and I am glad of the fact that my resignation will make possible the immediate care that is so badly needed by those poor unfortunates who are to-day patients in the hospitals affected by the controversy.

Again thanking you for the many kind considerations and assuring you taht I am always at your disposal.

Very truly yours,

Sam Rabinovitch, BA, MD

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