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23 August 2000

French Canadians and Jews

Answer of R. Laporte, Secretary of Nôtre-Dame Hospital
To the Letter of Resignation of S. Rabinovitch
L’Ordre, June 19, 1934

Montreal, 18th June 1934

Doctor Rabinovitch,
Notre Dame Hospital,

Dear Sir: -

I am directed by the Board of Administration to acknowledge receipt of your letter of the 18th inst., tendering your resignation as interne of Nôtre-Dame hospital - which is hereby accepted.

The Board wishes to express their sincere appreciation of the motives which inspired you to take this step, in order to put an end to a regrettable controversy, and to ensure the normal care of the sick in Notre-Dame and other hospitals.

Your action in this matter will, it is felt, be duly apreciated (sic) by all classes of the community.

I am, dear Doctor RABINOVITCH,

Yours very truly,

R. Laporte

Acting Superintendant

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