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23 August 2000

French Canadians and Jews

Apology made by the Striking Internes
Montreal Gazette, Tuesday, June 19, 1934, p. 11

We, the undersigned internes of Notre Dame Hospital, admit commission of an act of insubordination in regard to the Notre Dame Hospital, and hereby tender our public apology.

[Signed by the following 12 medical doctors, all senior internes]

George Whissell

Louis-P. Bélisle

A. Robert

Alfred Larocque

Roland Christin

Maurice Lynch

J. R. Titley

Esdras E. Autote

Hugo Valiquette

Victor Brossard

Gaston Beaudoin

Louis P. Demers

[Also signed, 13 medical internes of the Université de Montréal, all junior internes :]

Gérard Gervais

Raymond Simard

Louis P. Millet

Laurent Trudeau

Paul Emile Laurin

J. B. Des Rochers

Paul Pion

Upton A. Savoie

Réal Lanthier

Paul Guénette

G. Paiement

Albert Derome

Maurice Foisy

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