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Last revised:
23 August 2000

French Canadians and Jews

Resolution Adopted by the Administrative Council and the Medical Council of Hôpital Notre-Dame, June 18, 1934
(voted unanimously)

L’Ordre, June 19, 1934

  1. The refusal of the senior and junior interns to fulfill their duty at the hospital, as is required by their hiring and their oath, demonstrates a lack of discipline and constitutes an act of unsubordination liable to sanctions by the competent authorities, including the termination of their employement.
  2. The authorities of the hospital strenuously refuse to recognise to the interns of hospitals, and to the interns of Hôpital Notre-Dame in particular, the right to strike as the act of abandonning the sick is synonimous with deserting one’s post.
  3. However, in this particular case, given the necessity to reestablish immediately normal care for the patients of Hôpital Notre-Dame, the Board of Administration, on the recommandation of the Medical Council, is prepared to show clemency, taking into consideration the public apology that the interns promise to make to the hospital. The Board also agrees to continue their employement, as was agreed upon last February, on the condition that medical services be provided immediately.

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