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Last revised:
23 August 2000

French Canadians and Jews

Public Statement by Dr. Rabinovitch [English]
(following his resignation)

Montreal Gazette, Tuesday June 19, 1934, p. 11

In making my decision, I have had to consider three things :

1st. The direct insult which the Jewish race has just received;

2nd. The plight of those unfortunate and suffering patients of this and other hospitals, who are suffering through lack of proper care occasioned by the strike of the internes;

3rd. The embarrassing position in which the directors of the hospital, who have stood so nobly by me and behaved so decently towards me, are finding themselves in.

I feel certain that in handing my resignation, the Jews will approve of my action since it is the interest of humanity which had always been of primary importance to the Jewish people.

I feel deeply grieved that the French internes have taken up a racial question where the care of the sick should be their first and only consideration and that they have completely disregarded the first duty of their oath which they have so recently taken.

The duty of a captain is not to abandon; the first duty of a soldier is not to desert his post; and the first duty of a physician is not to desert his patient. Taking all that into consideration I feel that it is my duty as a physician and as a Jew to decide upon an action which will be in the best interests of humanity to remove the obstacle which is preventing the relief of the suffering and to show my appreciation of all those who acted on our behalf.

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